Brexit must be really bad for elites otherwise they wouldn’t be working so hard to stop it.

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You cannot trust the mainstream media


Blair and successive Prime Ministers have debased a once useful institution whose principal function was to moderate the excesses of the lower house.

Unelected peers in the House of Lords are plotting to prevent the next prime minister from suspending parliament and facilitating a no-deal Brexit.

Today it is no more than a well-paid sinecure for failed politicians and political activists, rewarded for their unquestioning and unswerving fealty to those in a position to bestow such favours.

It serves no useful purpose and has been contaminated by immersion in the rank septic tank into which our House of Commons has morphed.

If anyone should be held accountable it is John Major because by signing the Maastricht Treaty, our country crossed the Rubicon. We went from being part of a trading alliance to handing over our sovereignty to an unelected and undemocratic European Commission

Thanks to the packing of Lords during the Blair Horror Years and the Detestable Tory Decade that followed it, every conceivable venality and vice has been institutionalized there.

Brexit must be really bad for elites otherwise they wouldn’t be working so hard to stop it.

Former prime minister Sir John Major said it would be “utterly and totally unacceptable” for parliament to be shut down, and that doing so would spark a constitutional crisis.

What is “utterly and totally unacceptable” is Parliament’s refusal to implement the decision of the British people. That is what has caused the constitutional crisis.

Until Theresa May took over the mantle of worst Prime Minister in living memory it was John Major who held that title.

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