The universities are the hub of the cultural Marxist problem

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What kind of world do we live in now where a Christian is expelled for merely believing in Traditional marriage?

A Christian who was expelled from his university for expressing a biblical view on marriage has celebrated winning his latest legal battle, calling it a victory for freedom of speech and religious conscience.

I fully support Mr Ngole’s right to hold and express any opinion he wishes, whether or not I happen to agree with it.

That is the only kind of society worth living in.

Universities were once a place where different views could be expressed, and debated. The Left has put a stop to that.

They cannot allow their beliefs to be challenged. I’m not sure how we’re going to correct this any time soon.

The left is demonic and evil and like most demons will fall in the end.

University officials decided that, because his views were offensive to some of the folks he might encounter in his professional practice, they would not grant him the degree he had earned.

Wonder if they are expelling all those who hold views that some of the folks they might encounter would find offensive. I can easily see that some folks would find the views held by radical Leftists to be horribly offensive.

Leftists believe only they have a right to free speech, and everyone who isn’t like them must be silenced.

This wasn’t just a university we were fighting.

It was a left wing, political indoctrination centre, underpinned with cranks and quackery.

Universities and schools are for actually learning and discovering.

Just like a real democracy and a real government, the UK has neither.

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