Remember June 23, 2016?

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Our Parliament is filled by small men and women, most of whom have never had a proper job, taken real decisions or had any responsibility.

Most of them cannot earn a living other than as MPs and they hold the electorate in contempt.

We are utterly sickened by the deceit and excuses from most politicians in order to just get what they want, which is to stop Brexit

The only fact that counts: 17,410,742 is greater than 16,141,241 (7.9% more).

We should be leaving under the article 50 terms in 12 days time. Democracy and our institutions would be intact then.

This Parliament will go down in history for this treachery.

They voted to give us the choice. Now they don’t want to implement the decision.

Remember June 23, 2016?….. That date will forever go down in history as when a vote really isn’t a vote anymore.



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You cannot trust the mainstream media

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