Winning the war on truth!

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  • Exposing the lies
  • No more media propaganda
  • You Cannot trust the mainstream media


Fake news and terrible reporting is universal.

The worlds broadcast and print media – have all been exposed as not informing the people of the true ‘facts’ – but the facts according to the broken and corrupted political establishments. Keep calling them out. And well done to Trump for ripping the lid off of the can of worms.

What was once parroted as mainstream media have been revealed as fake news media complex which is the barrier between people & the truth.

The Common Man is slowly coming to the realisation that there is a triumvirate of Leftist villainy working against him : politicians , the media, and celebrities. Working in tandem, they relentlessly bombard us with their views on important issues, from Brexit  to “income inequality” to immigration.

They all purport to represent the “enlightened” worldview of fraternity and fair play for all, but (as Proverbs states) ” the ends thereof are the ways of death. ” The only great equaliser they bring is universal servitude to a nanny state which provides everything…including acceptable thoughts and behaviours.

All of Europe has been manipulated and brainwashed by the Globalist owned media!

Under the Soviet Union, most people probably knew that their “news” was propaganda. The west is catching up.



  • Exposing the lies
  • No more media propaganda
  • You Cannot trust the mainstream media


Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media

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