How the mighty have fallen. Britannia clearly no longer rules the waves.


I just don’t understand our leaders today, they have literally sold our countries, sovereignty and souls to the EU.

“Fishermen are furious that, in having to obey EU rules but with no resource, the EU could implement and enforce detrimental legislation to cull what’s left of the British fleet along with abolishing current rules such as the member state 12-mile limit which protects inshore and shell-fishermen.”

The question of our fishing rights was always one that held a high priority for the country’s decision to back Brexit. This sell-out is of the very worst, egregious, morally and ethically lacking nature.

Few UK politicians are listening, they are busy running the country into oblivion.

We cannot control and fish our own waters – and we are an island nation-state. And to think, Iceland, another island home of some mere 350,000 souls has managed to protect its fishing rights.

Those in office are public servants and not leaders, if they can’t follow the will of the people they need to be ousted.

The days of begging for your Rights ended with the Brexit vote to leave. It is time to exercise your god given rights to live free from tyranny.

The fishing industry like much else besides has been sold down the river by treacherous self serving parasites. Corruption is a way of life in that den of thieves who profess to be looking after our interests and the truth is they despise working people such is their arrogance and ignorance.

How the mighty have fallen. Britannia clearly no longer rules the waves.


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