It’s dictatorship by deceit.

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George Orwell’s fictional “Thought Police” become reality.

The unelected executive branch of the European Union (EU) has ordered social media and tech firms like Facebook to delete content it considers “illegal” within one hour, as they ramp up efforts to censor the Internet.

This is what mass immigration has done to our lives. We have well and truly lost our freedom of speech.

If England were today the country I was born in we would dismiss this censorship, this meddling with our own affairs, and with the contempt it deserves. But we are not the England of 1939, we have been become timid and frightened, we cave in to every threat, become politically correct and have submitted in so many ways to the Left and a new flavour of Marxism.

May will embrace this censorship, along with diversity, hate speech and cultural enrichment and ram it down our throats.

Yes, we can leave the EU but we won’t get our freedom of speech back. Or habeas corpus. Or double jeopardy. Or presumption of innocence. Or a police we can trust. Or a government we do not fear. Or confidence in our armed forces. Or our right to self defence. Or equality under the law. Shall I go on? Because I can.

Theresa May’s political stance is indistinguishable from that of any EU commissioner. The politics of our elites are now Europeanised. It will take much more than a generation to recover from this, if we can at all. Because somewhere down the road from 1945 generations of our children have been taught that it is now wrong to have pride in one’s country, indeed we now must be ashamed of it.

In order to control hate speech, all speech must be controlled. This is what the dictators of the EU want. Their ultimate goal is of course to deny us freedom of speech and freedom of thought. It’s the insidious creep of Marxist-feminist totalitarianism, under the guise of protecting us from extremism. It’s dictatorship by deceit.

The greatest threat to the globalist plans to rule the world is an informed citizenry. That’s why they’ve taken over control of all major media outlets.


  • Exposing the lies
  • No more media propaganda
  • You Cannot trust the mainstream media


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You cannot trust the mainstream media