Frankly I have never seen such gross discrimination.

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Social Engineering always fails.

Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner has admitted that the focus of the British political class on ethnic minorities and “women’s agendas” has seen the white working class — and white working-class boys in particular — falling by the wayside.

It’s not just labour who agrees with the anti-white anti-male agenda, it’s every mainstream political party and every common purpose public sector higher up.

Discriminating against poor white boys above any other group because of their skin colour and gender is deeply racist and sexist.
Let’s call them all out on this.

In 8 years and counting in charge what have the “conservatives” done to reverse this?
In fact, in many policy areas they have brought in more rules and regulations to make it worse!

It’s all about imagined White privilege even when you are “poor”. It’s the Skin colour they hate regardless of economic status. Frankly I have never seen such gross discrimination.

The white working class, she claimed, “have not been able to adapt” to modern, multicultural Britain.”

The White working class never asked for Britain to become a third-world multicultural Shiite hole so why should they adapt or accept it…they should fight it with every fibre of their being, they should openly and angrily reject diversity, reject the state sponsored ethnic cleansing of the white Britons and reject this parliament this government and this odious puss filled bucket of hate Angela Rayner.

“Culturally, we are not telling them that they need to learn and they need to aspire.”

Quite the opposite. That’s all they’re telling them to do.

Finish your worthless A-levels in media studies and art history. Go into higher education – doesn’t matter what course, how much debt it gets you into or what prospects it offers.

And aspire… to materialism, to sportsmen and rappers and reality TV, and all the other trashy garbage that will undermine their self-worth and identity.

And this is all in order to keep them out of the workforce and undermine their ethos for hard work and responsibility, in order to keep them enslaved to the state and lacking independence.

They need white British males to become an underclass in order to justify ongoing mass immigration and the advancement of their multiculturalist agendas.

In the past working class British culture was about industry, family, responsibility…all the things that Marxists and globalists need them to abandon in order to enslave them.


  • Exposing the lies
  • No more media propaganda
  • You Cannot trust the mainstream media


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You cannot trust the mainstream media