Croydon raids can “reassure people” after terror attack in Woolwich

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As reported in the Croydon Advertiser

We agree with this

“””Superintendent Rob Atkin said: “This operation was already planned but after the incidents in Woolwich, it is good to get out in the community and reassure people that we are doing something to combat crime.””

Whatever marketing idiot from the Met agreed this statement should be fired. What a load of old cobblers, equating a few drug arrests with alleged (and I’m not at all sold on this either) terrorism and murder.

I applaud the police for making a good show of doing their jobs, but let’s not assume that seeing 200 of them out in force is going to reassure anyone; it’s more likely to worry those people who think that ‘terrorism’ is being used as a truncheon to bludgeon sweeping and freedom-curtailing legislation into effect


“So it takes the murderous actions a couple of ethnic christian Nigerian converts to political jihadi Islam to prompt Croydon Police to get out of their stations and get to grips with the criminal underworld of Croydon. Oh sorry, it was already planned but nice tie in.

Can we expect the visiting drug dealers to the Shrublands estate not to be present today and this weekend or will they be out on bail by then to pick up where they left off?”

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