The state hates free speech.

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The state hates free speech.

And anything they themselves do not agree with, they label as hate speech!

What exactly is the definition of “hate speech”, where can we find the written definition? what are punters not allowed to say and why exactly?

It’s the latest craze for the usual suspects to invent so-called hate crimes in order to strengthen their arguments and to discredit their opponent.

Hate crime has played into the hands of the easily offended who will now use it at every possible opportunity to shut down debate where they disagree with an argument or policy.

You can’t censor hate speech because you do not know what it is.

That is the problem the left has, they do not know how to say ‘anything contrary to our narrative because in their warped world if they have no answers its hate speech.

Hate crime belongs in the soviet union.

All totalitarian regimes need special catch all laws that allow the authorities to prosecute those citizens that the state takes a dislike to and that appear to threaten the state.

Our own establishment is placing laws on the statute books that once planted will form the basis of a future totalitarian dystopia.

Hate speech is what the subversive, liberal, globalist elite doesn’t approve of.

In many European countries opinions can constitute a crime, so let’s be real progressives and criminalise unapproved thoughts too.

The whole concept of “hate” crime is an abomination.

Today’s liberal intellectuals, who pride themselves on scientific method and being ‘broad-minded’, are the most narrow-minded, self-righteous and hate-filled bigots in the history of humanity.

Something has gone badly wrong with our metropolitan elite & their rotten value system.


  • Exposing the lies
  • No more media propaganda
  • You Cannot trust the mainstream media


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You cannot trust the mainstream media
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