The Western revolution has begun.

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The Western revolution has begun. Sanity rules in the Czech Republic! The top three political parties on that list are all right wing, and all oppose the EU!

With over 99 per cent of the vote counted, the party of the populist Czech billionaire described by some as the ‘Czech Trump’ has achieved a considerable victory in the national legislative elections — with the mainstream left Social Democrat party achieving their worst result in national history.

To survive, one must first have survival instinct. Czech Republic seems to have this figured out. They know the dangers of state sponsored lies. 

Nobody wants to live in an airport or a shopping mall. That’s what the elites don’t understand. People need a common culture and history in order to have a real community.

The EU elites don’t want you to have a common heritage and culture. They want a stupid populace with no identity except the one they give them.

We are tired of reading that being opposed to the migrant invasion of Europe is a “shift to the right”. A common propaganda technique of the left, meant to minimise anyone opposed to their radical left agenda.

What kind of government is it that makes it strict policy to import foreigners who will compete with the taxpaying citizens for jobs? That kind of sick mentality needs to be considered treason.

Now this “Far Right” label must be smashed, because there is nothing more centrist in the world than for a people to preserve their territory and their people.

What always struck me a contradiction is the left’s radical embrace of multiculturalism while loathing and seeking to destroy nationalism. How can you love different cultures but hate countries that seek to keep their own identity and heritage?

The mainstream media in the UK, seem to be ignoring the result as if it hasn’t happened, probably hoping it’ll go away if they don’t mention it.


  • Exposing the lies
  • No more media propaganda
  • You Cannot trust the mainstream media


Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media