We need to face a politically incorrect reality.

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The Government is set to publish a ‘disparity audit’ which reveals that Pakistani women in Britain are “shockingly badly integrated” and “living in an entirely different society”.

“It’s very shocking,” a source close to the Cabinet Office told The Sunday Times.

And the British government are the only people in this country that were not aware of this!

Absolute proof if it were needed that politicians don’t have a clue about what goes on in the real world. They live in a parallel universe where everything is exactly as they want it to be.

Did we really need to waste money on research telling us something we already knew. 

“Government Research Reveals Pakistani Women in Britain Are ‘Shockingly Badly Integrated.”

They were never intended to integrate. They are intended to displace whites from a demographic voting majority and eventually breed them out of existence. The governments are overseeing the genocide of their own ethnic populace.

Enoch Powell told us that they do not integrate in 1968, but the government needed ‘research,’ to establish what is plain to the naked eye on every street in the major former British cities.

When a people are indoctrinated from the day they are born then they will never assimilate with anyone else.

Elites well know what is going on, they just are buying a couple more years until Europeans are de facto minorities in their own countries.

We are a divided nation and all the rhetoric and soundbites from the government about multiculturalism and diversity working are all a big lie and what is worse they know it!

We need to face a politically incorrect reality. Homogeneous society equals peace, security, safety and ultimately happiness. Multicultural society equals incompatibility, conflict and unhappiness. The more cultures you add to the mix, the greater the number of people and the further they were previously separated (in culture, time and distance), the worse things become.

A nation can tolerate small numbers without changing its core culture, what it can’t survive is conquest by womb.


  • Exposing the lies
  • No more media propaganda
  • You Cannot trust the mainstream media


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You cannot trust the mainstream media