Where are the Liberals and useful idiots who told us …. “this won’t change us”?

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Experts have prepared terror attack advice for British children, and police have said it should be taught in schools and colleges after a string of deadly attacks in the UK.

Have we really come to this,when we have to teach our children to live in fear ? The irony is that at the same time,our politically correct liberal left education system is brainwashing our kids.

Haven’t we come a long way from 1997 when began the efforts of Messrs Blair, Straw and Roche et al to change our nation from probably the world’s most homogeneous country into a confusion of multiculturalism? Now instead of teaching our children the history and literature of the British Isles we train them in how to stay alive when attacked by their fellow citizens.

The Deputy Assistant Commissioner of London’s Metropolitan force, Lucy D’Orsi, has said giving children advice in classrooms could save lives.

That’s right HMG, deal with the symptoms not the cause. Let the normalisation continue.

So, basically, the Police and Security Forces are openly admitting that they have lost control of Great Britain and that we should get used Terrorist Attacks from the 30,000 known Extremists on their watch lists.

One thing our kids aren’t in danger of being told at school is how they’ve been so utterly betrayed by the traitorous political and media elites in power.

Get them scared while they’re young and they’ll rely on Big Brother all their lives. Smells like Totalitarianism, Orwell did warn us.

And still the borders remain wide open for more Terrorists to arrive in Great Britain each and every day.


  • Exposing the lies
  • No more media propaganda
  • You Cannot trust the mainstream media


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You cannot trust the mainstream media