We have all been stabbed in the back. She is like Neville Chamberlain in a dress.

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Theresa May’s Brexit betrayal this week was just the tip of the iceberg. She may as well have been waving a white flag.

Squandering this once in a lifetime opportunity is incredibly suspicious. A true Brexiteer would get a real trade deal in place rapidly. The “transition period” is a ruse designed to fritter away precious time so the secret Tory remainiacs don’t have to go through with their commitments.

There is something seriously wrong when the political class is afraid of genuine power. Our MPs are not leaders

For all her bluster May had one golden opportunity to slay the EU dragon – yet she chose to side with it.

She welcomes in maniacs who want to kill us, she appeases the people who sponsor them and not satisfied with that she insults the (limited) intelligence of the UK electorate by her actions with regard to the EU. Small wonder the UK has turned into a toilet.

No wonder it took her 15 months to conjure up this speech. She wanted to make sure she’d stabbed us in the back, on every possible level.

What Theresa May did in Florence was to keep Britain in the EU until the next general election when Labour and the Lib Dems, and most of the parliamentary Tory Party will turn the general election into a second referendum.

Brexit will become so twisted and warped that eventually the public will give up and the Westminster traitors will gradually re-integrate the country back into the EU.

People have worked out that Corbyn is just another establishment tool-fool idiot-puppet stooge – i.e. the Labour circus is up this week in Brighton – and a shower of fake news will be forthcoming from the fake media – hell bent on making out that there is a difference between the Labour and Tory parties when in reality there is absolutely none.


  • Exposing the lies
  • No more media propaganda
  • You Cannot trust the mainstream media


Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media