Osbourne and the predictions that turned out to be spectacularly wrong

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Here are the predictions I made for 2013 and it looks like every single one has been right:

Government debt will go up from just under £1trn to £1.15trn.

Immigration – legal and illegal – will continue to soar as Britain continues to have the most generous benefits rules in the EU for new arrivals

One million Romanian and Bulgarian families will be packing their stuff and buying their coach tickets to come to Britain in 2013/2014 costing us around £30bn which we will have to borrow.

Total aid spending will rise from £8.65bn in the 2012-2013 financial year to £11.3bn in 2013-2014 – an increase of £2.65bn. About 90% of this aid will be lost through corruption, greed and incompetence.

Over £20bn will be lost in tax credit fraud and benefit fraud often by very well organized foreign gangs both resident in the UK and overseas.

The NHS will continue to waste hundreds of millions treating foreigners who fly in to use the NHS and then leave without paying their bills. It will not occur to NHS bosses to do what many foreign countries do – confiscate these patients’ passports until their bills are paid.

Around 3 million foreigners will work in the UK doing jobs that useless, feckless, benefits-dependent Brits can’t be bothered to do. Those Brits on benefits will continue to have more children than families where someone actually works.

Hundreds of millions will be spent providing permanent sites for so-called “travellers” who have no intention of travelling anywhere.
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Hundreds of millions will be squandered building pointless windfarms which only provide about 10% of their theoretical capacity as there is usually too little or too much wind for them to work. This will push up the cost of energy for families and businesses and lead to thousands of job losses as it won’t be economical for companies to stay in Britain. Meanwhile Germany will build about 25 new coal-fired power stations while we close ours down to satisfy a daft promise made to the EU.

The Daily Mail will publish at least an article a week quoting experts predicting house prices will go up or down or stagnate.

The Daily Telegraph will continue to publish articles every week explaining how Cameron can win the 2015 election

This forecasting lark isn’t so difficult after all.