The BBC should be disbanded and its left wing propaganda consigned to history.

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BBC bias

The BBC has turned out to be an organisation posing as responsible public sector but is really stuffed full of in-house profiteers.

It is fashionable to shout ‘Public good. Private Bad’. The pubic sector is kind and does nothing for profit; perish the thought. Meanwhile, evil private business puts profit in front of all the nice kind things public sector managers strive to give to the public. What a fantasy!

The reality is grubby, hypocritical, manipulative and very nasty. The private sector accounts and publishes its profit. It makes no pretence.
Right at the heart of the BBC are, it appears, people who are profiteering worse than any of the private sector targets so assiduously demonised. These people act as if the national investment in the BBC came from their own pockets. They think it their right to take their ‘cut’, or return as if they were the worst form of profiteering private investors.

Their hypocrisy, dishonesty and humbug are almost off the scale. What we have is a new form of social parasite right at the heart of the public sector; they pose as kind socially responsible servants of the public when they are, really, a nasty modern form of profiteering, parasitic capitalism.

These Guardian reading lefties practice the very worst form of Victorian hypocrisy and humbug, today, in the 21st century. Exactly the same behaviour is at the heart of the NHS. These parasitic gorging profiteering hypocrites must be dealt with harshly and with no mercy.

They have systematically and cunningly pretended to be exactly the opposite of what they really are, and we have had enough of it.

“Television launched a direct, head-on attack on our traditional institutions
(Parliament, monarchy, Army, Church), diminishing them, and then occupied
the public space they were forced to vacate. Concepts such as truth, honour,
duty, self-deprecation and service were mocked and replaced by a mixture of
sensationalism and the cult of celebrity.”