Are we allowed to comment on mass immigration now?

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Most immigrants (80%), EU or otherwise are low paid and £55,729.60 is the minimum cost to UK tax payer of supporting a low paid family.

So how much would it cost the taxpayer to subsidize an immigrant family with four children and one parent working part time on minimum wage?

The following figures assume that they do not use the NHS, access free dental care or commit any crime I calculate that they cost the taxpayer £55,729.60 – I have probably missed numerous other “funding” streams, including “charities”.

Lets imagine a low skilled/totally unskilled EU immigrant coming to London to work. Our immigrant is married (only one wife) and has four children 5, 9 , 11 and 12. years old.

He works 15 hours a week for £6.31/hr (minimum wage), a vital role that no UK citizen can do, perhaps pushing a broom or stacking shelves. For that he earns a week £94.65.

This means he will not meet the threshold to pay income tax or make NI contributions. Working for minimum wage for only 15 hours a week allows him to claim job seekers allowance. JSA is £71.70.
Source https://www.gov.uk/jobseekers-…

His wife is disabled, because she’s “depressed” and can’t do anything without help, so she’ll need disability payments of £79.15.The principle reason for her depression is her inability to speak English causing her to feel isolated.
Source https://www.gov.uk/dla-disabil…

The husband will have to care for her, because she frequently tries to harm herself, so he’ll be paid £58.45 a week for that.
Source https://www.gov.uk/carers-allo…

With his poorly wife and four children whilst being on a low wage he is entitled to housing benefit. That’s easily £400 a week if you’re in London with a lot of children.

Then there’s Child Benefit. You get paid £20.30 a week for the oldest one and £13.40 a week for each of the others. That gives a weekly total of £60.50.
Source https://www.gov.uk/browse/bene…

In addition the taxpayer foots the bill for education-Primary pupil place being £3,450 per year. Secondary pupil place being £4,400 per year.

In our example of two primary and two secondary aged pupils we are looking at a cost of £15,700 each year.
Source http://www.hm-treasury.gov.uk/…

Not forgetting the pupil premium for people from poor backgrounds, £620 per head per year.For four children this equates to a yearly cost of £2492.
Source http://www.education.gov.uk/sc…

Being poor each of your children is also entitled to free school meals worth £367 per child per year. For four children this equates to a yearly cost of £1,468.

None of these figures include any health or dental care costs which are impossible to calculate, but must be in the region of £20,000 a year.

So over the course of one year the cost of this one family being here is : –
Job Seekers Allowance £3,728.40
Wife’s disability allowance £4,155.80
Carers allowance £3,039.40
Housing benefit £20.800
Child benefit £3,146
Education cost £15,700
Pupil premium £2,492
Free school meals £1,468
Council tax waiver (approx) £1,200
Total £55,729.60

An EU citizen working in the UK is entitled to all the benefits available to an indigenous worker as soon as they begin work in the UK.

Having worked in their new job in the UK for three months they are then entitled to claim unemployment benefit etc for all time should they be laid off. The government can not require them to return home if made redundant or their contract is not renewed and they can remain in the UK drawing their Old Age Pension enjoying other benefits until they die – costing another £100,000 or more!

All at UK tax payer’s expense!