The open door policy has caused ghettoisation but in places you would not believe

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And the Tories, the Lib Dems and the media went along with it. Shouting racist at anyone who dared raise a voice in opposition.

None of you should be absolved of blame

Can we just stop looking back and blaming Labour for the immigration debacle.
Yes they are as guilty as sin.
This will be an islamic country in something like 2040, earlier by twenty years if the Turks get in.
But the coalition sit back and do nothing – absolutely nothing- in the face of some 40 or 50 million people walking in here and claiming our homes, jobs, houses, and benefits.
Destroying our NHS and ruining our childrens education.
Leading to the destruction of the green belt, road tolls and our identity and being as a people.
Yes folks you read it right!
And they are pouring in and producing anchor babies creating a record birth rate.
And that lot are just the Europeans and Cameron will do absolutely nothing.
No referendum.
No tightening – better still closing our borders under the Rights of indigenous people.
The Poles are swamping us and now we know six figures of them are on full benefits.
5% and rising of their total population and still coming in in droves.
29,000,000Roumanians and Bulgarians-Arriving hundreds probably thousands each week and the doors not open yet.
Then three more Eastern European countries in 2014.
But thats not all.
Greeks pouring in.
Italians pouring in.
Spanishpouring in.
Indians pouring in.
Everyones pouring in.
And this government does NOTHING.
Forget Labour -thats history.
Look at what Cameron is NOT doing.
Stopping the flow.
Forty to Fifty million is actually conservative and doesn’t count the Indian sub continent.
We are invaded and occupied by the world after nearly four years of Tory rule and a promise to clamp down on immigration.
A total betrayal by the entire lib/lab/con not just the Lab bit.
Lies word
The open door policy has caused ghettoisation but in places you would not believe. Someone I know moved away from south kensington to westminster due to the influx of a particular type of very wealthy foreigner. I was amazed but that is how delicate the social balance is in a close-knit area. Under Blair the UK became a non-country – anyone who tried to defend the ‘British’ way of life was denounced as a traitor. When I visit my friends in London I am always treated as a celebrity or curiosity because they all say how nice it is to see an English person in London. I think the English should try to re-colonise parts of London & slowly undo the immense damage done by New Labour.