So much for democracy if MPs are not allowed to vote freely.

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Im stuck here in a dangerous country earning my crust for my family, you left wing d#ck heads dont understand this as you live in your crystal houses. I say dont do it as its not our business, let the frogs help the english hating prisidente do the the work that my SON has been doing for these war mongers. I want my SON to defend my country but not as a sacrifice for some Yankie global company, do you idiots not understand THAT

” Mr Cameron had felt compelled to act after
seeing pictures of children killed by chemical weapons.”

Mr Cameron felt compelled to act in spite of there not being absolutely unquestionable verified evidence that the Assad regime was responsible.
The fact is that this vain, incompetent, dishonest PM felt a need to co-operate with American and Saudi vested interests, and strut the World stage and sit at the top table when British National Security was not an issue, and irrespective of the fact that Islam terrorist groups including Al Quaeda would be the most likely beneficiaries of such actions as they were in Libya.

The only early sackings needed from cabinet are Cameron and Hague.

Only two ministers deserve the sack over this the Prime minister David Cameron and the Foreign minister William Hague. They alone have ignored the British public those who voted for them. The uproar from the public was loud enough for them to know that we were never going to accept this outrage. But they tried to push it through. The buck stops at the top CAMERON

Cameron and his coterie of inexperienced advisers mismanaged this from the beginning. It is quite clear that he now attaches more importance to his personal embarrassment than to the national interest. Every day that goes by reveals his increasing unsuitability for office.
The fact that the US is now making public intelligence they were not prepared to share with him also reveals that his naivety about the special relationship knows no bounds.