We have long seen equality as the goal of education, rather than quality or excellence.

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The average IQ in the UK used to be 100. The Eastern Chinese average IQ is 105.
We are taking in millions of people from regions of the world in which the average IQ is anywhere from 59 to 90. These people are being churned out of the education system along with the ethnic British people.
A person cannot exceed his potential.
The Chinese are not stupid enough to import the kind of people we are importing.

There are many reasons as to why we are churning out poorly educated people, but the above is a significant one.

We have long seen equality as the goal of education, rather than quality or excellence. This is the natural result.

In Singapore, Japan and China, education is valued and respected, a legacy of Confucianism. We used to have this respect through the legacy of the Reformation and the values of the puritans. Instead of treasuring our precious cultural inheritance, we have systematically attacked it because it contradicts the silly and damaging ideal of egalitarianism.

Most state comprehensives have only taught children to pass exams. For most of the past 15 years, if pupils absorbed what was written down for them as notes during lessons, they would get that pass. Theses schools were not interested in improving thinking skills – leaving this up to pupils themselves. Pupils could chat amongst themselves during lessons whilst copying out notes. This worked well whilst exams were getting easier every year, except for around 40% of kids whose chance of getting a C grade was deemed too difficult to achieve and who were labelled as ‘not aspirational’ and subsequently disenfranchised.
These schools were effectively exam factories employing spoon-feeding approaches to teaching. Many bright pupils were left behind by similar children in other countries whose education systems really did challenge them to think.

Standards of behaviour could also be left to the margins as it didn’t effect the classes where children were copying out notes.

Then in the last couple of years things have started to change. A number of so called ‘outstanding schools’ judged on PC box ticking by OFSTED during the time of the last Government will soon be re-inspected. Exam boundaries have shifted up. Expect lots of anguish from the educational establishment as a result.

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