No wonder the indigenous population are already a minority in London.

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Traitors_GateWell the architects of the European Union seemed to have forgotten one of the fundamental truths.

The Law of Unintended Consequences now places the burden of the mass unemployment and dire financial conditions in southern Europe on the British!

Our housing, Health Service, Social Services and the expectations of the hard working British Citizens, who are being displaced by ‘cheap European labour’, are now under serious overload.

And what are the established politicians doing about it? Starting another war in the Middle East, thats what.

‘ Immigration surge driven by Eurozone crisis’

No, immigration is driven by the EU open borders policy shoved down our throats by anti British Liblabcon who insist we stay in the EU and give our wealth to EU all-comers


No wonder the indigenous population are already a minority in London. Complete and utter madness, totally unsustainable in terms of the burden put on housing, transport, health, welfare, and utterly unfair, as other countries use the UK as a dumping ground for millions of unemployed created by their disastrous allegiance to a failed euro experiment and alleviating their own economic malaise.


The rise in immigration is going to continue to rise. From next year, 29 million Romanians and Bulgarians will have access to live and work in the UK.

“The Met’s figures show the 27,725 arrests of ­Romanian suspects were in connection with 142 rapes, 10 murders, 666 sex crimes, 303 robberies, 1,370 burglaries and 2,902 offences of violence.

The 34,905 arrests in London among Polish citizens in London were for suspected involvement in 84 murders, 129 rapes, 866 sex assaults, 480 robberies, 2,094 burglaries and nearly 7,500 violent crimes.”


Vote BNP they would strike harder and where it’s required.

We need a few Dowdings, Baders, Malaans and Montgomerys, not to mention a modern day Churchill.

The threat we face is far more insidious then Hitler and Goering, but just as serious.

At least they were enemies from a different country, not our own government.