Spain is right in one way, the sovereignty of Gibraltar is not negotiable.

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Spain can whistle in the wind, it’s down to the UK and Gibraltar to map out the future.

Gibraltar was fine and not a problem before we joined the EU.

Leaked documents show that Spain wants to use its veto over the application of any European Union deal with the United Kingdom to Gibraltar to force citizens of the Rock to accept higher taxes.

Spain plans to end Gibraltar’s ‘privileged’ existence as a ‘tax haven’ and has drawn up a document called ‘Negotiations on the Withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU’ which has been sent to congress.

Since Gibraltar isn’t even part of Spain, then what right do they have to impose more painful taxes on those businesses?

It’s a very odd thing but it seems that all countries colonised by the UK are functional and first world even if overly socialist at the moment.

All countries colonised by Spain and Portugal are third world hell holes and absolutely dysfunctional and none of them have contributed anything of note to modern science.

Spanish politicians living in the Dark Ages. To say they are making fools of themselves is an understatement.

Spain has no say on Gibraltar. Gibraltar will choose its own future path, and has that luxury because it is associated with the United Kingdom.

It’s just one reason after another why we shouldn’t be wasting our time negotiating anything with the EU, they’re all troublemakers. Our time would be better spent in talks with America and the Commonwealth.



  • Exposing the lies
  • No more media propaganda
  • You Cannot trust the mainstream media


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You cannot trust the mainstream media