A man who destroyed the UK

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Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has said he is ready to “get [his] hands dirty” again and return to politics.

His declaration comes after months of openly backing anti-Brexit campaigns, supporting tactical voting in the general election, and insisting a “hard Brexit” without Free Movement must be stopped.

Blair is a reason why the once proud United Kingdom is in a state of decline,his policies were a catastrophe for the whole country.

A man who destroyed the UK, flooded it with economic migrants and so destroyed the meaning of asylum, went to war on a lie, sold our rights to the EU, bankrupted a nation for generations and enacted the EHRA to line his wifes pocket.

And now you believe it is your job to refuse the democratic will of the people. 

History will mark him as among the worst, if not the worst Prime Minister of modern times.

Getting his hands dirty again? He has been getting his hands dirty continuously undermining British interests, before during and after inflicting himself on the British.

This is the man that ruined the House of Lords, further neutered the House of Commons to the extent that individual MPs are virtually irrelevant, politicised the Civil Service, debased what little ‘honour’ remained among politicians to depths never seen before with his embrace of spin and outright deceit, did his utmost to destroy British Culture, brought the concept of ‘thought crime’ into law as well as criminalising a great swathe of the population by making petty and often social offences crimes, not to mention his warmongering.

He appears to have no idea of the extent to which he is despised, probably because he doesn’t get out among the proles much. Well, let’s make sure he is left in no doubt at the election. He needs to know that there is no quarter, no forgiveness, ever, for the likes of him.

Blair is like the landlord of a once exclusive hotel who opened the doors to thousands of non paying guests and turned it into a slum.


  • Exposing the lies
  • No more media propaganda
  • You Cannot trust the mainstream media


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You cannot trust the mainstream media