Is Europe still in crisis?

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As reported in the Daily Telegraph

Our politicians are not shy about telling us lies but the European bureaucrats are on record admitting that the ideal would have been a Federal Europe before a currency union. But in the absence of eager populations salivating for enslavement the currency union would do – after which bulldozing nations into a Federal Union would be a fait accomplis.

The Bruges Group has meticulously listed all the quotations for those interested in refreshing truth.

Then we had Goldman Sachs rig the Greek books, doubtless the Italian books and maybe others. Innocents to the slaughter house – not the conniving politicians – the unsuspecting populations.

After that it was just a matter of flooding the hapless Med countries with barrow loads of euros to make it appear as if Shangri-la and Christmas had rolled into one enormous fest of house building, road building, airport building, Olympic stadium building, mortgages for anyone who could breathe with crony developers, bought and paid for politicians and corrupt banks not being able to stuff the resulting snowstorm of paper into their pockets and accounts fast enough.

The BMW’s and Porsches rolled out of Germany and everything was hunky dory…


The euro loans had to be repaid. And it became obvious you cannot build a future on ‘wealth’ that was produced with low borrowing costs and high leverage, out of thin air.

It’s not a case of whether a particular country wants to dump the euro. It’s a straightforward case of no country ever being allowed to exit the euro.

The first estimate of the latest Greek bailout is 10 billion euros but will likely rise. Expect a bail-in rather than a bail-out. After Merkel has been re-elected of course.

Beyond celebrity gossip nothing, absolutely nothing is quite like the mainstream media report it. In fact if we look at what is actually going on and compare it with what mainstream tells us is going on – we could be forgiven for thinking we live on different planets.


Yet outside Britain, Sweden and Denmark, everyone appeared desperate to join of course they were Mr Warner, they all see it, and STILL see it as money for nothing! All takers and NO givers, absolutely unsustainable, especially if one of the ‘givers’, ie: the UK gets the chance to bolt for the exit!
Europe still has no convincing answer to destructive levels of unemployment.

Actually it does, or have you forgotten that they have started PAYING their unemployed to come here and sponge off the FORCED largesse of the British public whilst at the same time ORDERING the British Government to give them ALL benefits as soon as they step off the train/plane/boat/lorry?

WE are being financially and socially crippled to make these spawns of hell look good on the World stage, when we are of no further use to them, when they have stripped the City bare, we will be tossed on one side like a piece of rubbish, and when it gets to the state that we can no longer print our contributions because the paper is less than worthless we will be kicked out for being ‘a disruptive member’.

I couldn’t care less about the Euro and the idiots that worship it as their God, what I DO care about is what it’s very existence is doing to THIS country and it’s indigenous people and their culture.


…….” Europe still has no convincing answer to destructive levels of unemployment “……

Of course it does ! Just as England itself does. ….

Too many people. It’s that simple. Millions of people from The Third World crowding into Europe in the expectation of a middle-class life like they’ve seen in ‘ Desperate Housewives’ and all the other American ‘soaps’…..

If you opened up the door to your house and invited in a dozen itinerants that you were then expected to clothe, feed and generally provide for, without any additional income , then you would have a similat problem in microcosm.

It’s no good dressing it up in arcane economic language that the average person cannot understand….. TOO MANY MOUTHS TO FEED ! That is the root cause and the traffic has to be reversed…. and quicker the better….


“Is Europe still in crisis” – most definitely. However, the whole of the indebted West is in crisis as nation states have sold their independence to a global financial order.

We are at a crossroads in history where the post war Bretton Woods agreement is unravelling due to the failure of individual nations to ensure they maintain a ‘balance of payments’. It started going wrong almost immediately and has been apparent since Harold Wilson’s famous devaluation in 1967 with the *pound in your pocket..” speech. The problem was exacerbated when banks and the City were freed in the ‘big bang’ of the late 1980s.

The Euro as with the UK is struggling to cope with the ramifications of disparate tax and benefit systems. If you are to mutualise debt and share a common currency then all citizens must share a common set of rules otherwise we see a growing rise in support for nationalism – in France the National Front is neck to neck with the main political parties.after-party

The dollar is at the epicentre of the global crisis and it has been hijacked by bankstLies worders who are controlling international trade and Govts due to free movement of capital. If nation states are to survive then they need to control the capital generated within their society rather than allowing it to be gambled at a global level.

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