These people are more in an echo chamber than even the BBC are.

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The General Secretary of the German Social Democrats, led by former European Parliament President Martin Schulz, has said she wants Britain to hold a second referendum on EU membership now that it knows “what a Brexit would mean”.

Katarina Barley, one of the most senior leaders of the party which operates as the main rivals to Angela Merkel’s ‘centre-right’ coalition, said: “When the referendum was held, nobody really knew what it would be about — not the British people, not even the political class.”

Cameron spent £9 million of our money telling us exactly what Brexit meant, and if you were too stupid to understand that, then you ought not to have had the right to vote!

This is probably for home consumption. EU supporting politicians want (a) to blame the UK when the EU begins to collapse, and (b) to distract their voters from their own terrorist problem (which they don’t have, of course …)

They just can’t help themselves. Germans truly believe they should rule over everyone, especially the UK.

Well, I have some advice for German politicians: sort out your own problems like what’s been going on in your public baths, like Cologne, like the Berlin Christmas market. When you’ve done that, you might be in a position to tell others how to govern.

The British economy has been improving since the Brexit vote.

UK is the 5th biggest economy in the world.

Switzerland is the 11th and is 25% the size of the UK economy.

Norway is the 30th and is 14% the size of the UK economy.

20% of German car output is exported to the UK.

Marxists aren’t good at economics but surely she can understand that, no, we won’t get the same deal as Switzerland or Norway – and if Switzerland has any sense they will use Brexit as an opportunity to renegotiate their punitive, one sided EU arrangements.

The EU made it very clear to all of us on multiple occasions that membership of the EU is not a Buffet, that we couldn’t pick and choose.

It was All or Nothing.

We chose Nothing, we stand by choosing Nothing and we regret Nothing.

Brexit Means Brexit. It is Not a Buffet.


  • Exposing the lies
  • No more media propaganda
  • You Cannot trust the mainstream media


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You cannot trust the mainstream media