The MSM will write it’s own story, regardless.

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The ethos of most MSM journalists is that if you can’t report a truthful article, invent one, and portray it as fact.

You no longer bother reading the establishment main stream media in Britain, and most certainly do not watch BBC or Sky. French establishment media is no different. They are not interested in reporting news, they do nothing, but fabricate and spin it, in the biased interests of the politics of their owners and hangers on.

Their desperation to find anything on Marine Le Pen increases, as the election creeps ever nearer. Yesterday, the world witnessed an event that flew in the face of everything the French Constitution stands for. The elected leaders of Hungary and Poland were told by dictate from the unelected EU Mandarins, that unless they submitted to allowing invasion of their territory, by peoples who, from your own bitter experience, are destroying your civilisation in front of you, that they will be thrown out of what Nicholas Ridley, a Minister under Margaret Thatcher, accurately described twenty seven years ago, as a German racket. In their shoes, I would opt to keep my country, my culture, and my democracy, and get out, while I still could.

France, you may or may not like all of the politics of FN, but at this election, as the British had with the Brexit Referendum, you have a stark and very clear choice, You can carry on with more ilk of the same rubbish, that have led you down the disastrous path along which you are heading today, and who will continue to lead you to EU dictate, not democracy, all the way to national and cultural oblivion, while you watch those of foreign uncivilised ‘cultures,’ burning the Tricoleur on French streets, destroying your economy, while conquering your territory, or you can restore France to the great democratic nation that it once was, with Marine Le Pen.

This is the new propaganda war, these type of wars used to be fought against your enemies it now seems governments are using these tactics against there own citizens !

The MSM across the western world is majority socialist, simple as that, alternative voices are few and far between because they are not allowed access or are shouted down, ridiculed and insulted for daring to voice common sense and exposing the dire consequences that the ‘left’ have imposed upon us.

This is not only unacceptable but ironic, because it is the latter who represent the majority, not the middle class socialists who dominate our screens and airwaves masquerading as the majority when in reality they are a malevolent, vociferous minority who represent a corrupted status quo from which they benefit. But not us.

We are being fed a statist, socialist script by a few hundred thousand across the western world and their (too often) hate filled supporters purporting to represent the hundreds of millions that in fact want nothing to do with them or their vicious, divisive and deadly politics.

They are the harbingers of death and destruction as is obvious.


  • Exposing the lies
  • No more media propaganda
  • You Cannot trust the mainstream media


Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media

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