Impartiality is not the style of the mainstream media.

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  • You Cannot trust the mainstream media


BBC and Channel 4 don’t “do impartiality”. This has been confirmed by Nick Robinson, so let’s forget the pretence that these media outlets are other than staunchly left wing.

Channel 4 have broadcast a film about the “Trumpian brave new world of ‘America first’”, claiming “we should all be worried”, because “with nuclear weapons at play, it may decide the future of the entire world”

Immediately, President Donald J. Trump is accused of being “ignorant and erratic” during the campaign and making “blood-curdling pledges to the American people”.

The harder they come after Trump and his supporters the more it proves how right Americans were in electing him!

The BBC and C4 are both outposts of the Guardians elite lefty scum. Both accept licence fee money , but have nothing but disdain for those paying.

Trump and Brexit – sends the Lefties, Luvvies and Snowflakes into paroxysms of rage, which seem to become permanent.

The extreme intolerance of the virtue signalling Left-liberal, to anything or anyone that is not Left-Liberal should alert us to the fact that what we have in essence is a form of virtue terror or extreme illiberalism masquerading as liberalism.

There are many who are willing to use democracy as a tool, merely to advance their extreme anti-democratic and illiberal-liberal agenda.

If we had a decent government in control, this sort of rubbish would never be shown on TV, but this sort of junk will be allowed to be broadcast whilst this lot are in power, because they are also part of the NWO Kalergi plan, and I don’t think we will ever be really out of the EU whilst the Lib-Lab-Con coalition are running the show

Impartiality is not the style of Channel 4, or the BBC, or the rest of the MSM, for that matter. We are better served via our own sources, particularly if we desire truth and accuracy.

The only thing MSM does is redact truths 100% and then invent their own lies of garbage to spew their globalist ideas.


  • Exposing the lies
  • No more media propaganda
  • You Cannot trust the mainstream media


Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media