This is a bit rich coming off the Labour Party. WHO threw open the gates to them in the first place

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As reported in the Daily Mail

Daily Mail Article

We agree with this
Pretty cheap coming from Labour considering their Government was the one that let all the Eastern Europeans in


Would this be at the Tesco distribution centre in Kent which Tesco adamantly maintain they don’t have. Would this be the same Labour Party that prematurely opened the flood gates to Eastern Europeans and supported laws that make it a crime to differentiate between EU Nationals or indeed any race whatsoever. Is this the labour Party that dumbed down education so far that a large proportion of poorly educated youngsters yearn to be celebrities? Is this the labour Party that bankrupted the UK? You can smell the hypocrisy from here.


Err … And WHO threw open the gates to them in the first place? If those with short-term-memory-loss fall for this disingenuous piece of bilge and vote for noo liebour again then they deserve to have trouble competing against foreign nationals for jobs …


Yes, all you need to do to find out why immigration has been allowed to get so out of control, is follow the money to big business, and who benefits from the cheap labour this immigration provides


And pray tell whose Government opened the floodgates in the first place? Pots and Kettles – the Lib/Lab/Con are one and the same!


What a cheek, that’s why labour invited the millions of immigrants into this country, cheap labour to lower the working classes standard of living ( remember? we need to be more competitive). Anyone who votes for lablibcon needs help… If a country wants to be more competitive, it’s very straightforward, central and regional governments have to lower their gross spending and return these savings back to the public in wide ranging tax cuts, then salaries can stagnate but everyone becomes a bit better off. But as soon as they make any savings they blow it on the next hair brained scheme ie. HS2, warships etc etc…you just can;t stop this lot of elites.


This is a bit rich coming off the Labour Party when they had an open door policy on immigration that allowed 4 million immigrants to enter the country creating a jobs market with to many people chasing to few jobs and also creating pressure on the NHS, schools and housing are they completely living in a fantasy world can they not see if you flood the country with people you are going to create problems and these are the idiots that want us to trust them to run the country and the economy again , no chance.

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