Brussels replaces royal crest on UK birth certificates with euro logo

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As reported in the Daily Mail

We agree with this

I am English first & British second, Europe is where we go on our holidays. Bring on 2017!Bye Bye EU!


Well, there you go then. From birth, you will no longer be British. You were warned. This is not the full story either. Every other European, will be the same, giving them all the right to what you have. Think on now folks. Is it not now your last chance to get out of this stupidity.


This is now going to far. I am not European I am English I do not want the EU flag on mine or my children’s birth certificate. Don’t tell me there is nothing you can do. I didn’t vote for Brussels to tell the people that I voted for what to do. Let the people tell EU where to go if you haven’t got the guts to do it. Give us our referendum now. Its our Royal crest for gods sake who wants that cheap flag as a replacement.


I’m British and I will stay British. you try to take our Queens crest. off anything and there will be an up raw Its going to far this time. Why is the EU is such a hurry to have us as European. What more can I say. I am disgusted

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