Is calling a town in the UK ‘Hideously White’ any worse than saying ‘Bongo Bongo’?

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We agree with this

“If the Guardian and the BBC are offended by the tone so what?”

Indeed. There is a reason the Grauniad is the least sold national broadsheet in the UK (despite being the most bought by the beeb); it speaks to the opinions of the fewest voters. I don’t think any of the guardianista types have the slightest idea just how much they are despised and how little their opinions actually matter to ordinary people outside the activist/media bubble.

And, let us be honest here, the Guardian, and the BBC, have been wrong on every single major policy issue for forty years. (Yes, even Iraq, which both supported at the time and have conveniently tried to airbrush over.)

Why should anyone listen to their rants now, or ever


I remember another commenter on here providing a link to a BBC Radio interview in which I will endeavour to find.

The interview was on the subject of the countryside being too white, unfriendly and non diverse.

The person being interviewed was some (white) far left lunatic “academic”.

Anyway this fellow proceeded to discuss his plans for ethnically cleansing rural areas and villages of the indigenous population.

When he described the fact that rural areas where 90% or so indigenous there was hatred – real disgust in his voice.

However, he began to lighten up when he pointed out that there are so many “diverse” people coming in each year and so many already in cities, that it would only be a matter of time before these rural areas would be diversified.

This was not fast enough – he would introduce housing measures to have this situation rectified within a decade.

The host, during this, well what can only be described as ‘hate speech’ and conspiracy to treason, hummed along agreeably.

Edit* This is not the right one (this is about the seaside) but is a gives a good example of what I was talking about!



Don’t be silly. In progressive speech you can’t be racist against white people unless they’re foreign white people, but not if they’re foreign white people from the USA because they’re the real racists so you can’t be racist against a racist as it cancels each other out. Do you get it yet?

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