Why is the left so afraid of free speech?

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Preventing someone from speaking does not prove them wrong. It just shows that world that you’re afraid of what they have to say.

The phrase “hate speech” is simply a convenient method of silencing opposing viewpoints. The use of the phrase is often accompanied by violent behaviour on the part of those whom claim to be the tolerant ones. And the popular media is more than happy to carry their water.

Why is the left so afraid of free speech? Are their values so pathetically weak that they must lash out to any opposing views? Do their values and beliefs stand on such weak foundation that it cannot stand against even the most ridiculous opposition?

The Left is far more dangerous than anyone else. Free speech is OK as long as you agree with the Left wing otherwise they will physically attack you. It’s good to see that people are starting to finally wake up to the PC brigade and giving them the contempt they deserve.

The Liberal Left hold a death grip on our academic institutions, the last thing they want to allow is free speech. The best way that educated people challenge unreasonable views is to listen and challenge those view with logic, knowledge, and compassion.

Students have absolutely no idea what entails the expression of free speech. You don’t have to agree with the speaker’s message. In fact, you can completely disagree with it. However, by not allowing that person to speak, is, in fact, demonstrating that you do not believe in free speech.

Apparently, this new generation of students really don’t care about their future, they live for the moment and ‘making a statement’, never considering that they could be ruining their future forever. Arrest records don’t go away and neither do social media posts.

Liberals just keep making themselves look worse and worse. Their ridiculous, illegal actions, are hurting their cause instead of helping it.


  • Exposing the lies
  • No more media propaganda
  • You Cannot trust the mainstream media


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You cannot trust the mainstream media