Political correctness is a cult.


Mr President these people do not speak for Britain.

It is these Left wing radicals and Muslim sympathisers who are Europe’s true enemy for it is they who have enabled, aided, and abetted the Islamisatiion of Europe. Every rape, murder, bombing, robbery, and abuse of public benefits can be laid at their feet.

They suffer from a number of Left wing maladies; white guilt, Western cultural guilt, self-loathing, cultural relativism, political-correctness, multiculturalism, and a perverse worship of third world peoples and cultures as though they are somehow noble and better than their own people and culture. It is a depraved sickness that is literally destroying Western civilisation.

Political correctness (cultural Marxism) is a cult. It has white guilt as its original sin, college professors as its preachers, and real science (saying that gender and race are real, for instance) as its heresy. It is not built on reason, but rather on indoctrination. The Muslims and other nonwhites flooding Europe are a symptom of the broader problem of a perverse society that would rather let its little girls be raped than be called racist.

We have to shut this cult down. Start by going after their control of language. Point out to everyone that anti-racist is a code word for anti-white. Diversity is a code word for white genocide. Hate speech is a code word for free speech that the left dislikes.

Political correctness is not a trait that we have acquired out of nowhere. Political correctness is the product of our own constitution and it is evil.

Where were this lot when 1400 WHITE Christian girls were raped in Rotherham by filth?



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