Lib.Lab.Con have done nothing on immigration.

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As reported in the Daily Mail

We agree with this

The trouble with politicians is that they don’t live in inner city areas like their constituents. Cable does not have a clue as to what is really going on in Britain, where increasingly in towns in England, English people are now becoming a minority


Immigration is a problem both legal and illegal. Let Cabal take say 20 into his home or take his job. How out of touch is this man. LibLabCons have done this to our country


What do you expect from a closet Labour liberal, who will also open our borders with no controls to all and sundry. Cable, you are as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike, so either shut the gob or resign, and let the management of this country be done by people who have the BRITISH citizen in mind.


I used to quite like Vince Cable but now he is just an embarrassment anything the Government is for he is against he has really turned into a curmudgeon of the worst type. Immigration of any sort at the moment needs to be controlled and until it is the problems economic and otherwise will never be bought back under control. How can this Country continue without knowing how many people live here it is already stretched to its limit all you need to do is look at education, housing and health things have to change

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