Tories feel upbeat. You are joking?

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As reported in the Daily Telegraph

We agree with this

Well, things are all looking very upbeat then.

Meanwhile, in other news,

– the 0.6% growth makes not a jot of difference in halting the budget deficit which causes our debt to continue to grow at £10bn per month (£160 per month debt increase for every man, women and child in the country, £2,000 per year each), projected to continue into the foreseeable future,

– attempts to curb benefit payments through the so-called “bedroom tax” have merely shifted the cost to local authorities, whose rent arrears have soared,

– nothing is being done to halt the growing likelihood of power cuts in the coming years,

– the EU continues to expand its grasp despite all that has happened to demonstrate that it’s a failing organisation which has caused mass unemployment across half of Europe,

– the morale of the armed forces has fallen for the third year in a row and is at its lowest for several years,

– immigration continues unabated despite housing shortages and the coalition cannot even agree that it’s right to encourage illegal immigrants to go home.

– the deadline for a Romanian/Bulgarian invasion ticks closer with no hope of preventing it, and the recent fiasco of sending some home only for them to return shows where that will lead.

Yes, all on course and looking good. Let’s give ourselves a pat on the back and shove off on holiday. Tell you what, why not stay there chaps? The place could hardly get worse without you.


2010 to 2015:

£600 billion added to state debt.
Debt interest moving to £80 billion a year.
2.5 to 5 million more immigrants, depends on quality of statistics.
Collapsing NHS.
Falling living standards.
Betrayed over Lisbon and we are now governed by the EU.
Unreformed, inefficient and overpaid state sector.
Broken energy, housing and employment markets.
State takes 48% of GDP to run itself badly.
Complete abject failure Mt Brogan, no basis for optimism at all whatever the spin


“At the half-way mark, those at the top began to feel that there was not much left to do”

Really? So what have they actually achieved? The state still takes far too much of GDP, the public sector is still too large, vast amounts of resource is diverted into politicians’ playthings, Brussels continues to churn out ever sillier regulations which they slavishly want to implement (with knobs on) – from the ground it’s hard to see that they’ve even really started. Or do they still mistake making speeches for actually achieving something?

If they really felt there was not much left to do that just shows paucity of ambition and intellectual shallowness.

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