White Liberals keep looking for targets

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Behold the fruits of decades of cultural Marxism in public education. Where showing the slightest bit of pride for begin what you is an act of racism if you are white and only if you are white.

A London shopkeeper has been branded a “racist” merely for opening a shop celebrating all things British. Chris Ostwald, 54, was taken by surprise when his shop ‘Really British’ sparked a storm of criticism from the local Muswell Hill community in North London.

Such has been the ferocity of the negative reaction to the shop that Mr. Ostwald has been forced to remove Union flags for fear of reprisals.

It is now racist to be British in Britain and sell or wear or buy or own something that identifies your nationality and or country of origin.

We are proud to be British. We have saved Europe so many times. We must take our country back and remove the fungus in our great nation.anti white2

This madness cannot go on much longer, the political left is literally playing with fire because history proves that oppressed indigenous people who are viciously betrayed by their own government will rise up, and it’s not a matter of if but instead a matter of when.

Defending ones culture and history is not racist, its sanity. Anyone who wants to destroy a culture will deconstruct it by labelling it racist and or xenophobic.

White Liberals keep looking for targets so they can unleash their violent moral outrage. Soon they will demand a total ban of fish and chips.

Mass immigration has allowed cultures that have failed to simply move to a new location where they continue failing. There are never forced to deal with the issues that cause them to fail in the first place.

A Lefty is a White Liberal who lives and breathes for the opportunity to call another White person ” a racist ”

The left never had any moral authority on racism , in appointing themselves as the witch-finder generals of racism they had everybody chasing after their current hapless victim of their political correctness, in doing so avoiding scrutiny themselves.

Liberalism has become indistinguishable from insanity. Multiculturalism is just a sanitised description for One World Government.



  • Exposing the lies
  • No more media propaganda
  • You Cannot trust the mainstream media


Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media

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