The BBC is just like the coalition,stuffed full of fools who love the EU

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As reported in the Daily Telegraph

We agree with this

The BBC was more interested in telling us about the backlash against Muslims after the murder of Lee Rigby than it was in the original crime. It’s a disgrace & doesn’t represent the views of most English people unless your name is Khan or Patel..


Smug self-satisfied, politically correct liberal fascism has destroyed the BBC .

We now know that its overpaid bloated managers fixed deals between themselves behind closed doors to hand out our money in sack fulls.The leftist sanctimony just stinks to heaven!

It goes without saying that viewers now assume a Left Liberal bias in all things BBC and seek out other sources for ‘balance’.


You obviously haven’t see this week’s YouGov poll which shows

more people think BBC programmes have got worse than better
more people think the Licence Fee is poor value than good
72% think BBC Executives are paid too much
70% think BBC Presenters are paid too much
69% think Police should investigate BBC severance pay

The reason past polls have been so BBC-friendly is because most of their actions have been kept a smug, cosy secret.

”Why does the impartial BBC not tell the story of the great majority?”

Because BBC is not interested in what the great majority think, they’re only interested in the majority’s money. Time to scrap the licence fee.

That is changing, my friend.

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