Don’t make promises you have no intention of keeping.

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Britain Will Cut Immigration Before Brexit, Home Secretary Promises.

Cut immigration?

Big deal, they should be thinking in terms of stopping immigration altogether.

“Ms Rudd promised to crack down on student visas and prosecute landlords who rent out property to people they know to be illegal immigrants.”

Not going to happen! As most of the landlords are also illegal immigrants themselves.
Judd lives in cloud cuckoo land and she has absolutely no conception of how highly organised and entrenched is the business of people smuggling and the sophistication of their “post arrival protection schemes”.

This is the farce of it, they haven’t just imported one culture but 400 odd and often hostile cultures. What they have imported is ancient conflicts that will now be fought out on our streets, with our people caught in the crossfire!rp_immigration_2201250b-300x187.jpg

If we had to have immigration then it should only ever have been from compatible cultures, compatible with each other as well as us. We are told that discrimination is bad, but its not. We should discriminate heavily in favour of our kith and kin.

Fortunately our homelands can still be saved and our freedoms resurrected, but only if we can get our heads in the right place. We must become hardened to their tears and their protests.

This is more lying propaganda, why didn’t they cut Third World immigration before now, when they could, with no connection to EU?

It’s the same with the hounding of soldiers by the Legal Profession, with international agreements and more importantly, when government adherence and implementation levels are key here.

Don’t make promises you have no intention of keeping.

Theresa May thinks that if she simply repeats buzzwords and catch phrases like “take back control of our borders” and “reduce immigration below 100,000 per year, everyone will be impressed. She’s done absolutely nothing so far and isn’t even planning to trigger article 50 for another six months. Does she actually have a plan, or is this just a smokescreen?

Conservative Conference lying propaganda.


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