Live by left wing politics, die by left wing politics. The left eats it’s own once again

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Those who live by political correctness die by political correctness.

Jon Holmes was axed from The Now Show, the Radio 4 programme he has appeared on for 18 years, when bosses told him ‘we’re recasting it with more women and diversity’.

The BBC has been advertising for ethnic only applications for jobs now for over 3 years, so the writing was clearly on the wall for him, yet he only makes a stand after he is personally sacked.

No sympathy, his work reinforced the pc anti-western liberal agenda for years and now he’s been thrown under the bus. He showed no interest in making a stand while he was still part of the establishment, he probably thought his pandering made him secure, but the leftist mindset has no loyalty other than to itself.anti white2

Much of Radio fours comedy output in recent years has been depressingly, even pathetically, predictable and unfunny because jobs and scripts appear to be given to people on the basis of tick box culture and the endless, wearying and frankly tedious desire to score political points, rather than wit or any original insight.

The current lot are light years from talent in previous generations because they think we want to listen to their politics.

Expect the BBC to fail because it’s putting diversity above quality. Anytime you see an organisation hire for diversity instead of best candidate then that organisation will fail.

Clearly the BBC has long been a left wing biased organisation but interestingly the country have demonstrated over the last two years with the European referendum that the majority of voters have turned to the right . Those that live in the left wing bubble clearly don’t excerpt the influence that they think they do even when they¬†shamefully abuse publicly funded organisations for their own ends

Racism is obviously rampant at the BBC. If 87.1 percent of the British population is white why doesn’t the BBC reflect that?

BBC is a disgusting organisation. The quicker we can scrap the licence fee and close them down, the better.


  • Exposing the lies
  • No more media propaganda
  • You Cannot trust the mainstream media


Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media


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