Deep Liberal Bias? Ah yes it must be the BBC

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As reported on the BNP website

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BBC’s ‘deep liberal bias’ prevented it from reflecting public views on immigration. No it’s not the BNP saying it this time!

By Shetlandman-It’s been the long held view of the British National Party that the BBC runs on a left-wing reporting basis when it comes to issues like the masses of Muslims, Africans and other Third World immigrants flooding to Britain and taking British jobs, housing, school places along with using our health service.

Asylum seekers eye up Britain as a paradise. Now a review, which was commissioned by the BBC Trust, seems to back up the BNP viewpoint of a left leaning `liberalism` within the BBC.

The report stated: “The BBC was slow to reflect the weight of concern in the wider community about issues arising from immigration.

It remains the case that the agenda of debate is probably too driven by the views of politicians.”

In other words the BBC failed to give recognition to the real feelings of ethnic Brits on the ground concerning mass-immigration on a scale never seen before.

When does the BBC report on the fact that many Brits are opposed to the masses of Third World and Eastern Europeans taking jobs, housing and altering whole neighbourhoods in a space of a decade.

They fail to report the local opposition on the ground to the mosque building campaign that is going on in our land. They fail to report that many Brits are sick to death of immigration and want their country back.

The BBC has the same sickness that our political leaders have when it comes to Islamic, African, Third World and Asylum seekers flooding Britain. BLINDNESS to how it is affecting the ordinary men and women of Britain.

The review stated one ex-BBC director said that there was a `deep liberal bias` within the BBC which prevented it from accurately reflecting the public’s view on immigration.

The review carried out by a television executive said that the corporation had been `slow` to catch up with the public’s opinions on leaving the EU and immigration.

According to the Daily Mail, the review heard evidence from a former Today programme reporter, who is also author of a book on perceived left-wing bias in the BBC, who stated that the BBC was damaged by a fundamental niceness` and reluctance to give offence that stopped it covering a subject such as immigration properly.

The paper reports that in a 2010 interview with the New Statesman magazine, the then director-general Mark Thompson said that the BBC had been guilty of a `massive bias to the left` in the past.

The review basically said what we in the British National Party have been saying for years. Like other TV channels the BBC is not alone in its unfair news coverage it gives to anti-immigration views or political parties such as the British National Party.

Britain’s up and coming smaller political parties, we should also point out get little coverage by the public broadcasting news rooms.

The BNP has had little coverage except when there is controversy involved. Immigration seems to be working just lovely and asylum seekers tucked up in bed, if we listened to sections of the media.
The reviews author stated that in more recent times there had been a wider and suitable range of opinions on the subject (immigration) and that the BBC had caught up considerably with public opinion.

Have you noticed any change lately?

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