What on earth do the left believe in?

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Most on the right have been well aware that the left is extremely violent for years, I find it staggering that the police have only just worked it out.

I guess the problem is most police are deluded left wingers who think only right wingers commit violence, most police are not the brightest.

The danger to society is not from the right,  Left = love, hope, kindness, flowers, rainbows, all what’s soft caring sweetness. Right = polar opposite of it all. 

Problem is that a large proportion of society is mentally lazy and always fall for it.

The police and justice system have been so muzzled they now play lip service to the proceedings. I really don’t care what label or causes these violent people carry, left or right.

What on earth  do the left believe in? They have lost what will they do?usa-flag

Compare Obama”s programming to Janet Napolitano announcing at the very beginning of the Obama administration that America’s “worst threat comes from Right-wing Extremism”.

Since then our cousins country the USA , we have watched Obama foment race wars and violent insurrection — we’ve watched your cities burn, and your cops get assassinated — we’ve watched your borders stormed by the worst in humanity — Muslim terrorists, narco-traffickers, human smugglers — we’ve witnessed the Muslim enemy, favoured pets of the Democrats, massacre you in mounting mass-murders, we’ve seen your government turn into a fascist police state, one that targets and persecutes Tea-Party groups, and a rabid Leftist Press that spews constant Blood Libels against white people while forgiving and explaining away the feral behaviour of urban blacks.

You are our cousins and we feel your pain and like family we will be your best in every way we can.

So many truly appalling murders regularly being committed by lone wolf mad people, all of whom just happen to be Muslims, and it is so difficult to determine what their motive might be. Their poor heads must be spinning.

With all these attacks your cousins in the UK will always be by your side.


  • Exposing the lies
  • No more media propaganda
  • You Cannot trust the mainstream media


Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media
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