The Left are regressive, quite plainly stupid and insane.

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The people want action.

Teddy bears and tea-lights are just not cutting it anymore.

We must abandon the notion of ‘multiculturism’ because it is proving a spectacular mistake.

The least that Europeans can expect of their Governments – for the hefty taxes they pay – are that they keep them safe. They are spectacularly failing to do so. The pained expressions of the politicians are not sufficient. The longer they ignore the fundamental problems that mass, uncontrolled, unchecked immigration from an alien culture has brought us – the more radical the solution will be.

Why can’t they see this?looney left

We can see it. We can see that unless, strong, affirmative action is taken against immigrants, of whatever generation, who wish to destroy the very culture of their ‘adoptive’ countries, the ‘backlash’ we have so often (falsely) been warned of will really happen. There is no doubt that innocents will get caught up in this. Nobody wishes for that, but that is what will happen. It is truly worrying.

The latest ploy of the progressive is to pin the blame on mental illness, which is offensive to the millions suffering from poor mental health who manage to go about their daily lives without blowing themselves up.

I find it hilarious the Left is just bewildered by the rise of the Centre-Right in culture. They hang their heads in their hands, swivel eyed loons that they are. They just cannot fathom that normal ordinary folk don’t want their culture, country, society & lives changed in the name of “diversity” and “multiculturalism”. There are so many reasons why the Left is out of touch with Joe public, but I’m going to nail it down to one simple explanation because I don’t feel like writing an essay.

The Left are regressive, quite plainly stupid and insane.


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