Haven’t the EU banned voting for ‘non-approved’ candidates yet?

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Haven’t the EU banned voting for ‘non-approved’ candidates yet? I am sure it is being considered.

A survey published by Le Monde on Thursday shows the French president polling at 14 per cent while likely Republican candidate and former president Nicolas Sarkozy scored 21 per cent. The clear winner of the poll was anti-mass migration Front National party leader Marine Le Pen who was favoured by 28 per cent of those surveyed.

While I hope that Le Pen and other nationalist candidates continue to gain ground, I’m afraid that the continuing “refugee crisis” has already precluded any hope that any European country can survive in any meaningful way.

Eventually, in the not too distant future, voting and referendums will be labelled ‘unhelpful’, and banned by the EU Politburo, who will appoint regional Commissars instead. We’ve already seen this with appointed ‘technocrats’ in Greece and Italy.mlepen

Before the lunacy of mass uncontrolled immigration is put under control, there will be mass civil unrest!

There is a movement in both Europe and the U.S. to take our countries back from those in power who wish to subjugate us by the psychological warfare of forcing us to live in such a way that defies all propriety.

We are tired of progressives that sacrifice free speech, paid for in blood, for the fraud of political correctness, that deny or distort the truth to temporarily “feel good” about their mental and physical perversions; until the cold hand of reality smacks them in the face

The French presidential election system, like the Austrian system, is anti-democratic and designed to gerrymander the electoral process.

No doubt the traitorous Left and the Sarkozy ‘Right’ will combine to try to shut her out if she gets within striking distance of power, just as they did before. And if that fails, they’ll always have the corrupt postal votes strategy to fall back on.

Unelected Juncker was busy telling everyone that the unelected EU will not ‘deal’ with Nations elected representatives unless they meet EU criteria.

“European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker announced that the bloc would do all in its power, including economic sanctions, to ensure no anti-mass migration party would ever come to power in Europe” And if that doesn’t work, the corrupt bureaucrats in Brussels along with the corrupt multinational corporate elites will just buy the election or steal it. Europe has very little time to save itself before the go back down the road to serfdom or slavery to a European caliphate.


  • Exposing the lies
  • No more media propaganda
  • You Cannot trust the mainstream media


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You cannot trust the mainstream media
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