Britain deserves better than this

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Why should we build homes on our countryside to accommodate everyone who wants to come here.

What about our own homeless people the ones on the streets the ones on the housing list that will never get a home.
Every City throughout the UK has had a waiting list for affordable homes either council or association homes, how is it when two million homes are wanted by those coming into the UK we can even contemplate accommodating them, even more so as the cost of our own who in many cases have been waiting years, that’s apart from our homeless.
We cannot afford this, what about people living from food banks we going to give money to migrants but we cannot give money to our own.
This government has to be the worst in living memory we give millions to other countries we give money to migrants but we cannot give any money to our own people. If this was another country you would be having a revolt on your hands Cameron, just because we are British you just keep sticking it to us looking after your rich European friends. It is not going to last forever soon the people of this once great country are going to turn on you and your party.
We are in austerity and have been for too many years and the debt is getting bigger Osborn has reduced nothing he is borrowing more and paying back less, how much longer we going to put up with this Cameron before the country turns on you
These are not school boy decisions , They knew this . They knew they had to house them , 

That’s why they have been busy throwing our own out of their homes to make way for them .

School places and class results effected because ours are held back while they translate the whole system to different languages . They knew the NHS and other services wouldn’t cope . If we knew , They certainly knew .

They wouldn’t build houses for our people though would they . They knew we are under enough strain for our own trying to find work and homes .

The United Kingdom can do better, we deserve to do better. Why should we set such a low vision about our future by tying it to this failing project and all that is coming down the tracks to diminish us?

Inside the EU our politicians can only talk of what they would like to do to change things knowing that they will achieve very little if any of that.

Outside of the EU we can change our destiny and dare to believe in the greatness of our citizens. That is the purpose of a vote to leave.

Britain deserves better than all of this, which is why on June 23 we should take back control and vote for our own British independence day.

Vote OUT on 23rd June.  Vote for Independence Day РLEAVE


  • Exposing the lies
  • No more media propaganda
  • You Cannot trust the mainstream media


Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media

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