The EU is utter evil.

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The ‘new population’ in Europe are brainwashed.

Around 600 members of various European police and military forces have carried out a European Union (EU) funded training exercise, in preparation for major civil unrest and even war.

The exercise took place in North Rhine-Westphalia on the 15th of April, and is part of the EU’s ongoing Lowlands Gendarmerie program.

Now the EU is preparing to turn the military against its own people. All under the mealy mouthed heading of civil war and major unrest!

This has been in the works for quite sometime. Expect to see more of these police as the great social experiment continues, however it is to keep the citizens in check not to protect them. Very ominous.eu army

While many Europeans were stupidly looking into being citizens of the world, our political elite were cunningly looking to replace us.

We  know what’s coming and you know this is not for your protection as citizens of the European continent.

The EU is so Soviet in nature with slightly different tactics being used to achieve similar results.

The Soviets forcibly moved whole populations in order to destabilise nations, the EU does this via massive economic pressures and open borders.
It also does this externally by pretending it can’t stop massive inflows of third world immigrants.

The Soviets would use troops and police from different ethnic areas to those being suppressed as they knew different races are less likely to be sympathetic to those they are order to dominate.

The Soviet Union was established and controlled by a very specific group of evil monsters, their ideologoical heirs and successors are working away in the EU for equally sinister purposes.

The European Gendarmerie force will be under the orders of the EU in Brussels?
Yet they are incapable or unwilling to actually defend the borders of Europe from a hostile, alien invasion?

Tells you all you need to know about the EU.


  • Exposing the lies
  • No more media propaganda
  • You Cannot trust the mainstream media


Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media

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