Britain’s education system is feeling the force of mass immigration

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As reported in the Daily Telegraph

We agree with this

The maddening thing is that it was so obvious, so predictable that this would the result. It was so bleeding obvious that importing millions of people would create this situation.

I am lost for words in my contempt and disgust for the people who forced this on us


It’s not just here either – Germany, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, France, the UK are all being over run by the children and families of Europe’s failing country’s.

And THEN, we have the “other” not of Europe who seem to be arriving just as fast.

Next week – we get to welcome Croatia’s children to the melting pot.

Question is how much further must this disastrous experiment going to run before the ideologically challenged wake up and see the mess they have created?

The European Union haven’t solved a single problem in it’s entire existence – it just transfers everyone else’s social and economic problems somewhere else and everyone NOT employed by the EU or Government are the ones who are paying for it – both financially and socially.

Well done guys, why not just start WWIII this summer and get it over with?


T”he British education sector is currently experiencing the type of chaos also faced by the NHS, the police force, the border agency and so many other pillars of British society”

Please insert the word “fallen” before pillars. The debate is whether these pillars have been deliberately felled by those in power between 1997 and 2010.


there’s no debate. Labour have admitted that they did it deliberately:


I notice that Messrs’ Jack Straw and Teflon Tony are very quiet on the subject.   Those gentlemen who thought it would be a huge wheeze to give us all a lesson in diversity.

They are so stupid that their huge joke did not include arranging fort the infrastructure/hospitals/schools/housing etc before having their laugh.

That pair of clowns should never be allowed to have a say in the affairs of this country ever again. If I had my way they would be brought before the High Court

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