Cameron’s abuse of power seems limitless

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First Cameron embarrasses the UK with his feeble negotiation and deceit, now he shames us as a PM with no command of authority.

With the ban on access to “official documents” by Brexit ministers, it is finally official that the EU referendum is The Establishment vs The People.

The pro exit ministers are to be denied access to government documents and blocked from briefings. This will backfire badly on Cameron as the previously undecided voters will smell a rat and be driven towards the Leave campaign.

I find it rather disturbing that Cameron does not wish to make all data available to the Eurosceptics within his own party. That smells of cover up.

Cameron’s abuse of power seems limitless. The fact that he is now preventing elected officials from participating in the running of the government simply to promote his own perverse pro-EU, anti-UK agenda is shameful.

I hope that the people of the UK take good note of Cameron’s abuses in this respect, because they are exactly the same kinds of abuses of power that the EU functions on and that EU member states will increasingly live under, and that Cameron is determined we should have to endure until we are no longer a viable sovereign nation.david-cameron-common-purpose-300x300

Everything will be done to bury bad news. 10,000 migrants per week have arrived in Greece in 2016 , 110,000 so far and this is winter. Cameron wants the referendum before the figure trebles or quadruples in the summer.

The shifting of the political tectonic plates in our country is beginning; take note of the incompetent cowards who need a change in profession after this.

Belgium reintroduced border controls with France on Tuesday to prevent a potential influx of UK-bound migrants if part of the “Jungle” camp in the French ferry port of Calais is demolished.

The move, which is a blow to the 26-nation European passport-free Schengen zone as the┬áBelgian interior minister, Jan Jambon, said: “We have informed the European Commission that we will temporarily depart from Schengen rules.”

One of the out campaign’s most potent weapons is Mr. Cameron himself. A more odious and smarmy advocate of remain would be hard to imagine.

His ridiculous over zealous efforts to justify remaining in the EU will backfire on him resoundingly.

Cameron will try mis- information and no information to get his way and Heywood, the arch manipulator will continue in his usual untouchable way.

Sir Jeremy Heywood’s position on blocking anti-EU ministers from government information is disgraceful.

Through a mutual agreement with the PM, they are not subject to collective responsibility on this issue. But they are still ministers, and in the spirit of openness and free debate, they are entitled to the support of the civil service like any other.

It goes against all the codes of impartiality.


  • Exposing the lies
  • No more media propaganda
  • You Cannot trust the mainstream media


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