Blackouts? LiblabCon not fit for pupose

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As reported in the Daily Mail

We agree with this

For Gods sake Britain wake up what is the matter with you, other countries are  still using coal so why can’t we keep using it


Aren’t British politicians wonderful???!!!!  They can make themselves rich, but  can’t even manage to keep the lights on in the country…


Cameron stood by and watched Labour kick the can down the road for 13 years. He  then made the appalling error of putting the lunatic Huhne in charge of Energy.  After Huhne was sacked, he ramped up the error by putting the equally lunatic  Davey in charge, which is why not a single serious power station has been  ordered for the thick end of 20 years. I’m not generally one for Conspiracy  Theories but I’ve got to wonder if there’s an agenda which I know nothing about.  I can’t believe that those who live in Westminster, Islington or Brighton are  the only ones who can’t see what’s ahead for us. Why do these people want to  drive us back into the horse and cart age? I’d like to think that our 650odd MPs  are vaguely patriotic but at times like this, you have to wonder.






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