Victim of Oxford sex gang talks of her three-year nightmare

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As reported in the Daily Mail

We agree with this

I don’t see any Social Workers or Police being punished for abandoning this poor  girl and others to this appalling life, why not?


Oh my god that poor girl, why did the ‘carer’ and police not help her when she  told them? She was severely let down by them. Disgusting animals, at least  they’re finally behind bars now. Hope she has a happy life, she deserves it


I can barely bring myself to read about this, what kind of evils minds do these  people have, sick & evil & you just know not one of them has the  slightest iota of remorse or understanding of how wrong they were, There is no  conscience just a totally sick sense of enjoying the most vilest long term  pleasure of perversion, a complete absence of any kind of morals or decency. In  other words, scum of the highest order. The reviews for Nanford Guest House (TA)  make uncomfortable reading. Independent guests paying to stay here report young  girls screaming throughout the night, families being changed rooms to  accommodate a stream of young girls being bought in at night. One reviewer even  states going to the police with her concerns who laughed at her for staying  there. Apparently the world & his sister knew the “reputation” here,  everyone that is expect those who cared for the children, which seems to have  been nobody. May these men rot but I’m afraid they will end living amongst their  peers.


she said: ¿Although I knew what sex was, there’s a difference between having sex  as an adult and as a child. This was people taking advantage of a child.¿  ——————————– Thank you for speaking out, brave girl. I hope  people read this article. Because I was entirely disgusted by the recent  articles about that teacher Jeremy, when plenty of Britons came out of the  woodworks trying to defend him, suggesting that an underage kid knows what  they’re doing in regards to sex. Just wrong! It seems that in British society,  so many people are willing to play fast and loose with the laws, trying to  justify adults who seek out underage kids to groom for sex. Young  adolescents/children cannot consent to sex, and it’s wrong to suggest otherwise.  The comments these past few days on the recent articles shows why young people  like this felt so unsafe and felt compelled to follow along.


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