Don’t make us migrant monitors

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As reported in the Daily Mail

We agree with this

Works in every other country where I’ve needed to see one – receptionist asks to  see ID card or passport – ‘You do realise you are not a citizen and will need to  pay to see the doctor?  Can I have your credit card please?’ Get with it guys –  you work for the NHS – Protect it and the taxpayers cash you get so much of!


My sister (who happens to be a delegate at this conference) and I argue all the  time about this. She tells me it’s not her job to weed out who is eligible for  treatment, just to treat who comes into her hospital. My response is, with all  the ‘managers’ in the NHS today, how bloody hard can it be to train just 3 of  them to ID who is entitled or not, and then extract insurance or credit card  details (as they do in pretty much every other county) to ensure they pay. Why  should the NHS, (and therefore my taxes) medicate the world, when I am expected,  nay forced to pay if I need treatment anywhere else in the world..?


Do the government want doctors and GPs to check to check patients¿ passports and  addresses to ensure they are eligible for NHS care or, like in other countries,  do they want the administration staff to do it?  When I lived in Cyprus my  eligibility for treatment was always checked BEFORE I ever got near to a doctor.  On holiday in America I had to pay up front and claim from my insurance for  emergency treatment.  Other countries manage to do it, so why not the UK?

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