Communists have no time for democratic politics.

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The speed and extent to which the Labour movement has been hijacked by student politics, terrorist sympathisers and retro-Maoists is only equalled by the utter paucity of vision of the rest of the leadership candidates.

Like the Labour Party in Scotland it will become the victim of its own navel gazing. Since it no longer represents anybody outside the loony tunes left it will achieve nothing.

We are watching a fundamental shift in the dynamics of the political scene – one in which the Labour Party will be destroyed in no small measure by the emptiness and hatred at its very core.labour

The Labour Party has been a victim of open entryism. It is obvious that Corbyn is actually a communist and it is equally clear that his supporters are too.

Labour was unelectable in the 1980s due to communist infiltration. Calling it Trotskyist muddies the waters. Trotsky was a communist.

Communists have no time for democratic politics. They practice ‘democratic centralism’, whereby there is a debate, but once the centre decides, the debate is at an end. Compare this to our system, where the policy cutting of tax credits was a decision made by the centre after debate and then there was further debate outside of the centre that resulted in the ending of the policy.

Corbyn is trying to impose democratic centralism via a three-line whip on his shadow cabinet, who are having none of it. They counter with cabinet collective responsibility, which is how we do things here. Even if Corbyn is in the minority, the majority of the shadow cabinet’s view has to be respected. The choice is either Corbyn or the shadow cabinet resign. If Corbyn imposes a three-line whip against shadow cabinet wishes, then Labour cannot be seen as a credible alternative government.

Corbyn will attract anarchists, Marxists, Muslim extremists, dopey middle class students and Stop the War crusties to the party that will combine, along with the union mafia bosses, to alienate the hard working, patriotic, tax paying public to a degree hitherto unseen.

Corbyn and his communist fellow travellers have no time for democratic politics; on that basis making Labour unelectable is actually logical. They wish to seize power by other means involving economic, social and political collapse.

We will see in Oldham how many Labour voters hold a dim view of the IRA, who like the queen and indeed, heaven forbid, think the British government rather than the EU, should run the country. There will enough die-hards exist, (as well as Labour’s well oiled postal vote fraudsters) to keep Labour in.

Labour are no better than the Tories they both sold out the British public and now serve a foreign unelected government in Brussels.


  • Exposing the lies
  • No more media propaganda
  • You Cannot trust the mainstream media


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You cannot trust the mainstream media

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