Flogging a dead climate change horse to death

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As reported in the Daily Telegraph

We agree with this

The Man-Made Climate Change Hoax, By the Numbers


Courtesy Ed Morrissey, here’s a roundup of how the “settled science” behind anthropogenic climate change has been torn down, exposing that it’s nothing more than hoax designed to steer power and funding towards the very people sounding the alarms.

He writes:

In the past four months, media outlets like the Times of London, the Telegraph, the Australian Herald-Sun, and even the Left-leaning paper The Guardian have broken important stories (along with bloggers) exposing the fraud, mismanagement, and unscientific behavior of the core group of AGW advocates:


Yup. The evidence that the wind blows has been building up too. And that the sun shines. Now show me the evidence that says human activity has anything to do with it.


What warming?  Just because you are convinced, don;t make the mistake of assuming everyone else is.

we have no evidence – none – to demonstrate that current climate variations are not entirely natural. Yes, there may be a human factor, but since we can’t quantify it and have no baseline behaviour to go by, perhaps it might be wise just for once if you eco-loonies sat back and shut the hell up for a decade or fifty until we  do?


“Global warming predicts that arctic and Antarctic will warm and melt first”

The Antarctic icecap has been increasing year on year ever sincethe advent of satellite measuring systems.

Arctic ice cover is currently the highest it has been on this date for around a decade.

Stop making stuff up.

Aside from that, there has been no Global warming for 17 years and counting.

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